Spaghetti by Martelli, Toscana

Spaghetti by Martelli, Toscana (Gourmet,Martelli,Gourmet Food,Pasta, Beans & Grains,Noodles & Pasta,Italian Pasta)
The Martelli family has produced their artisanal pasta since 1926 in the medioeval town of Lari, near Pisa, in Tuscany. With simple techniques passed down from one generation to the other this pasta, which following the purist attitude of the makers only comes in a few classic shapes, is made utilizing first grade durum wheat flour grown on the family property . The wheat flour is then kneaded with cold water, cut with bronze dies and let dry in the air for 50 hours. This extra long drying process gives the pasta a special porousness perfect for catching pasta sauce. Keep an eye open while this pasta is cooking, you really need to cook it “al dente”, to enjoy the fullness of its flavor and texture.
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